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Toyota Prius

The hybrid that started it all

toyota prius front view

Whenever someone says that they have a Hybrid car, the immediate assumption of everyone in the room is that the Hybrid car is a Toyota Prius. This is the definition of a new-generation car. As people on the market are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so does the nature of their purchasing. The Toyota Prius boasts a global sales count of three and a half (3.5) million units while Australia counts for nearly forty thousand units (in sales) – this car is most ideal for city-use.

The latest Prius utilizes an improved version of the Prius petrol-electric hybrid system – the main improvement is that the new version is a whole lot lighter and smaller. Since the engine now has water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation and the air conditioning compressor are beltless, the drag on the engine is significantly decreased which allows them to function properly when the engine is on electricity-mode.

This machine is known as an economy car or a commuter car and is not very luxurious – but for those who are more interested in functionality, this is the car for you. The drive is decent and sits reasonably flat – plus the fact that it gives one huge savings when driving in traffic using the electric mode. In comparison to the previous releases of the Prius, the new Toyota Prius has a much smoother transition between petrol and electricity.

The new Prius may not have been rated by ANCAP for safety as of yet, but Toyota is very confident it will receive five stars as all of the Yaris' safety features are found on this car as well. There is a decent amount of space inside (although it is not the luxury people mover type of a vehicle), which can accommodate reasonable luggage and four-to-five people. The Toyota Prius is a lot less expensive than pure electric cars from competitors such as Nissan or Mitsubishi – while some European smaller cars have better fuel-efficiency and can fare better on the open freeway than the Prius, the overall factor to consider with this car is where you drive it. If you spend most or nearly all of your time within the city, then the Prius is the sensible choice.

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