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BMW X1 Australia


bmw x1 front view

The BMW X1 is best known for leading of the company's drive towards the environmental technology. This has not been an easy task for the X1 as traditional BMW lovers are drawn towards the brand for the core values of power and elegance. Most of the cars under this model offer all-wheel drive – that along with the proper amount of ground clearance, allows for good visualization (whether it be your driveway or on the highway). Given that this model is slightly smaller than other BMW SUVs and Crossovers, it is most ideal for families with children as adults would sit comfortably in the front and children would have the right space in the back.

Between a very attractive hatchback and a proper Crossover, the BMW X1 fits comfortably that it might be mistaken for a 3-series wagon on first sight. Most of the X1 models have the four-cylinder engine which is, as indicated above, more of a move towards environmental technology – regardless, they can still move with precision and ease as any BMW would. Although cargo space on this model is slightly smaller than others in its class, the reclineable backseats are flexible enough to lie all the way back. Of course, along with environmental technology always comes a better safety rating – within the BMW family, the X1 is considered as one of the better family choices for practicality and fuel efficiency.

The BMW X1 Rear View    |    The BMW X1 Side View    |    The BMW X1 Interior


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