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BMW 6 Series

Agile dynamics and an exclusive elegance

bmw 6 series front view

The company has always been known to offer excellent cars for different luxury budgets and most of these cars have been on the high door count. The BMW 6 series coupe and convertible is the car for people who are looking towards performance with a two-door built in a lavish setup that's offers more than the competitors. The 2014 BMW 6 series release now boasts its more traditional styling (in contrast to the recent designs in the mid 2000s) and has significantly increased the various features of the car.

According to critics, the driving seat is beautifully assembled – being that this is the most exclusive coupe and convertible offer by the company, it is boasted to be best in the line in terms of interior design and material construction. The engine offers include 640i's 3.0L Single Turbo; and the 650i's 4.4L Double Turbo – with both engines set to an 8 automatic transmission. Additionally, there is an even more luxurious interior offer with the M Sport package. Though the 6 series may feel like a big and heavy car, it is still a very elegant, powerful and impressive car.

The BMW 6 Series Rear View    |    The BMW 6 Series Side View    |    The BMW 6 Series Interior


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